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The FADEC goes!!!
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The New GRT Panel
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Flight Systems XRX

October 2008
One thing certain about an experimental aircraft is that there is always something new!

De-FADEC-facation - Complete

In November 2007 I decided I had had enough of the FADEC so with a lot of research I chose dual-Plasma III from Lightspeed Engineering for the ignition system and a Precision “Silver Hawk EX” fuel injection system.

The process took a lot longer than I expected, primarily having to do with shipping the flywheel out three times; first to install the LightSpeed pickups, the twice to be machined on a lathe to clear the LightSpeed pickups! I really want to thank Klaus for all his help and encouragement during this process.

The units are wonderful. In the end it fired up first time and flies much better than with the FADEC with much lower CHT’s
and EGT’s. Oh .. and it’s 25 lbs. lighter! The project was completed in February 2008.

Now to learn how to use that ‘red’ knob next to the prop-pitch control!

New “Glass” - July 2008 - Complete

I have three of the very first EFIS screens (#22,23, 25)from Grand Rapids and when they announced high resolution screens I jumped at the idea. However, the new screens are about 1/2" taller than my previous screens requiring me to re-cut N142DS's panel. I am very happy I chose to install a modular panel as all I had to do was modify the pilot's side panel. However, after careful measuring an entire re-do was in order.

This gave me the opportunity to make some major design changes to the panel, changing to 2 1/4" backup instruments, removing the Monroy Traffic unit, the MAC trim indicator and moving the annunciator panel to clean up the look. Trim and traffic are now shown on the new GRT screens.

One of the big issues with my original annunciator has been the inability to dim or press-to-test the LEDs. Some are triggered on a positive current and some on a negative. I found a super controller from VX aviation that addressed all these issues.

To minimize downtime, the panel was build completely out of the plane, painted and lettered before the old panel was removed.

WOW .. the first time I fired up the screens it was incredible the difference between the new GRT screens and the old screens. It's a totally different cockpit. The pictures can't do them justice.

Zaon Flight Systems XRX Install - Complete

As I simplify the panel, I’m trying to remove equipment (and reduce cutting!). I’ve been using the great little Monroy Traffic ATD-300 unit for 3 years. It was the best passive traffic unit I could find at the time I was building the aircraft and has functioned flawlessly.

The ATD-300 unit augments my Mode S traffic information when I’m out of Mode S range. However, I really like the Mode S symbology and wanted a unit that would interface with my GRT screens to give me range and bearing to the targets. I’ve selected the Zaon XRX unit.

However, under no circumstances did I want to mount the unit on the glare-shield! Not only is it ugly, but it blocks a significant area ahead of the RV. After much consideration I started working on a plan to mount the unit off the baggage compartment bulkhead.

Out of sight ... out of mind.... and works great!

Just some of the wiring removed with the FADEC system!
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